Too many people travel the same way. A backpacker from New York and an artist from Tokyo can both travel 8,000 miles from completely opposite sides of the world to South Africa — and proceed to do exactly the same thing, see all the same sights, and take exactly the same photos once they arrive. How can two completely unique individuals visit a country with limitless possibilities for adventure and come home with exactly the same experiences?

It should actually be a crime.

There are so many ways to travel. The artist could have spent a month painting murals with teenagers in Cape Town and the backpacker could have trekked the length of the Wild Coast. Or the New Yorker could have found a homestay with a family in rural Limpopo province and the Japanese man could have hitchhiked from Johannesburg to Durban. They could have explored with a true sense of adventure. They could have used their interests and talents to learn more about this new country and make deeper connections with its people. They could have really journeyed into South Africa, wandered far off the beaten path, and designed unique adventures for their wild souls. But instead they both stood on top of Table Mountain and went on a safari in the same national park.

Trips Unscripted is for the ones who travel differently. The ones who see the value of traveling slower, deeper, and farther. The ones who want to create meaningful experiences for themselves and others as they journey around the globe.

The ones who don’t want to just go on a trip, but who want to embark on an adventure. Not the ones who visit Beijing with their nose in a guidebook, but the ones who spend two weeks walking across Fujian province. The ones who don’t just want to see the sights, but engage with a place. The ones who don’t need to know exactly where they’re going, but enjoy the process of seeing where they land.

Trips Unscripted helps you travel in order to learn, grow, share, question, and discover — not to follow in anyone else’s footsteps.

This is a site dedicated to bringing these kinds of adventure-seekers together and inspiring more travelers to go running off the beaten path. We want you to get creative and discover unconventional ways to explore the world.

While other travel sites tell you where to go, this one gives you the courage to ignore them.

I love to travel differently. Read more about my story here!

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